Today Is The Day - Sadness Will Prevail (alt. demo version) / The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself fake 7" (2000)

A welcome re-up since the title of the song fits perfectly with the present mood here in France. We still laugh because we like to joke about what hurts us the most, and because islamic terrorists are finally sinister clowns more pathetics than anything else, maybe not more than their dangerosity I must admit. But they'll be soon little bit of carbon atoms and nothing more. Cos' they were fooled. There's no God, no paradise, no virgins waiting for them (or at least what remains of them). There's only the sadness and mourning they leave on this planet. Catch this fake single here.

If, like me, you think Sadness Will Prevail is not only the last sentence Van Gogh is supposed to have said prior to die, but is also one of the best LPs (double CD actually) of music history, and if you never heard any demo version of this album, so you will be glad to find in this fake single I created, a demo version of the eponymous song released on a Relapse compilation in 2000, the label being in search of new material and Steve Austin having probably nothing else to propose. The version is stunning too, maybe a little rawer than on the album but a must-hear anyway. The other song Relapse include on this double-CD compilation called Contaminated 3.0 was a song from the Temple of Morning Star LP (released in 1997), "The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself". It was quite relevant with what was living Steve Austin during this 1999-2002 period. A fantastic song too although nothing since it's the LP version. I publish this post the day one of my students suddenly lost his dad (a musician). Sadness sure always prevails.

  I tore it down to lift it up off the ground / It makes me / It brings me down / And all i am on the ground / At night I'll wrap myself in pain / And never see again / My cover that you have blown / I wish this path i did not go / It makes me / It brings me down / And all I am on the ground / At night I'll wrap myself in pain  / And never see again


Alfred Schnittke - Requiem

After the massacre in Paris yesterday night (I live there, actually I lived in Paris until last year, I live now in the cheaper east suburb, one of those ones full of immigrates where there were riots 10 years ago, but I feel good there, although it may change), there's nothing better I could re-up that this Schnittke Requiem. Except that death here was caused by fucking religion obscurantism and not by some uncurable disease (but human is the worst disease). Music to back mourning for those who feel sad like I feel. For angst there's other stuff and I'll post it soon. Here.

The year Golden Earring released the Switch album, Alfred Schnittke finished his sublime Requiem, one of the doomest piece of music of the century. Here is a great version by the Swedish Radio Choir conducted by Tonu Kaljuste. Not all the available versions are that good but this one is truly thrilling. The quiet intro and outro do not prepare the listener to the terrorizing atmosphere of the piece, closer to Mussorgsky or Carl Orff than to Faure or Mozart. Any doom fan should have listened to that once in lifetime. Maybe an occasion to explore so-called classical music and find other way to vibrate to music sharing death themas with doom. This recording was issued on an album with Miserere from Henryk Gorecki on Caprice. I chose to invent a fake LP with only the Requiem on it but I encourage you to buy the album.

Difficult to select a piece of the whole for the streaming so I chose the introït ("Requiem Aeternam", also the outro) that makes me shivering like if I laid naked in the winter snow so it's it I chose.



Man - Live at Berkeley (1975)

As requested today, a re-up of this great gig by this never-to-forgot great Welsh band. Catch it here.

Recorded during their spring US tour (April 1975) while supporting their Slow Motion LP, this is the tour that allowed them to meet John Cipollina from Quicksilver with whom they would record their next album, the live Maximum Darkness, some months later. This Californian concert finds them in superb form, stronger than ever, and the atmospheric spacey music of the former line-up has been changed in heavier and more electric rock (see the 4 first tracks), but with incredible improvisation as can be heard on the extraordinary version of "C'mon", very different of those we can heard previously. These recordings were issued on the Esoteric versions of Slow Motion and Maximum Darkness, but spread on the 2 CDs so here they are gathered in one fake LP. I took the original drawing of Rick Griffin that the band didn't like and moreover was forbidden of use by the comics Mad mag. A way to put it back cos' I hate that censors win at the end. Don't miss this supplementary proof, that the band was at least until 1975, a fantastic live one.

Hard Way To Die
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Melanie - Arabesque (1982)

Third re-up. Time has passed since I posted it the first time. Now I consider it is one of the best Melanie albums of her career. Except for the last two songs, this offer is gorgeous and is among her best. So I encourage anybody to catch it (here) and any label to release it one day on a correct format.

This album is another missed chance for Melanie in her attempt to come back since there was in it all she needed to show that she was a great artist, scandalously underrated. This was her 4th attempt for a comeback after Photograph in 1976, Phonogenic in 1978 and Ballroom Streets in 1979, and she must have thought that she was damned not to succeed in finding the way to a larger public that her small following, when she had been one of the biggest selling singers between 1969 and 1972. But the wheel had turned. And I can understand that in 1982, the world was not really ready to consider this record, consisting of a large mix of different styles, most of them belonging to the past, as excitating as she would have hoped. Listening to it now, it's easy to see that it was a great injustice, but I'm not sure that at the time I would have been interested at all. And the cover was like murdering it definitively, with a picture from apparently the same photo session than the one on Phonogenic, not a problem if the picture was good, but honestly, with her hat and her feathers around the neck, Melanie looks terrible. That's the reason I decided to do a fake cover with a picture taken also in 1978 by Dan Littlejohn, a professional photographer, but more in line with the content and the title (and with some "ressemblance" with the cover of Sin of Pride of the Undertones). So here it is, another album that never beneficiated of a decent CD edition (although released by RCA at the time, not an independant label). Among the 11 songs, 5 are reprises, but the best comes from the songs Melanie wrote. In particular, the thrilling "Love You To Loath Me" (and not "Love You To Love Me" as it is stated on certain sites), one of the most sentimentally incorrect songs of all the times, but actually the kinds Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday had sung in their times. Only that it is not usual to hear a woman sings such things since the 60's. This is the song I put in streaming below. In the file, you'll find all the lyrics I collected for you. One of my other fave is the apparently funny "When You're Dead And Gone" but the text is really depressing actually. But most of it is at least good, sometimes great. Have a good time in listening to these Arabesque songs.

Love You To Loath Me. The way you mistreat me, you torture and beat me Well it doesn’t even make me blue ’Cause it’s truer than strange and stranger than true I just love you to loathe me like you do The human condition, we honour the victim So being a martyr does even make me blue ’Cause it’s truer than strange and stranger than true I just love you to loathe me, oo-oo-oo I just love you to loathe me like you do The way you despise me, insult and criticise me Ah each new insult gives me something new ’Cause it’s truer than strange and stranger than true I just love you to loathe me oo-ah-ah I just love you to loathe me like you do


Melanie - Crazy Lady Lost LP (1979)

A very rare and therefore precious unreleased album that any Melanie's amateur should have heard and possessed. Details are provided below. Catch it here.

Last Autumn, Melanie lost Peter Schekeryk, her beloved husband, friend and producer for more than 40 years, and honestly it's surely one of the hardest thing she had to face in her life. Remembering how I took her in my arms at the end of an interview 5 years ago, and how it felt to have her so close to me some brief but eternal seconds, I would have liked to make my poor arms a small shelter for a pain but I'm sure she has her children to do that much better than I could have. After a long silence during which I was also unable to listen to anything by her, I bring back some forgotten songs and these are really forgotten since they were on an unissued LP recorded (it seems) in 1979 and which should have been released between Ballroom Streets in 1978 here and Arabesque in 1982 there. Listening to it, I realise it's a great waste that it was not released since there are enough good songs to make of this LP a great addition to her discography. I discovered this LP here where you can find a load of Melanie's stuff. There is not the work I did for the 90's albums i.e., to reorganize things according to the time it was recorded, but you have many albums in their raw versions. On this Crazy Lady (the name is derived from the 1st song and is not mine) Melanie sings divinely, often with a very low voice and I love it this way. The album doesn't suffer from the sound option of the period it was recorded since it is more roots (blues or rock, with some soul) than all the rest she will do in the years before and after. I don't know why it was not released (it is said they didn't pay the studio sessions but it would need to be confirmed). Most of the tracks will stay on this lost LP but some will survive such as the Stonesy "Roadburn" or the delicious "Take A Bath". I did an alternative cover sleeve with pictures I think were taken in the right period. Enjoy it and have a deep thought for her. Cos' we love her forever, don't we?

Yes my darling daughter. Mother may I go out dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mother may I try romancing? Yes my darling daughter What if there’s a moon mama darling And its shining on the water Mother must I keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing Keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter What if he’ll propose Mama darling As the night is growing shorter Mother must I keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing Keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter What if there’s a moon and it’s shining on Shining on the water Mother must I keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing Keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter What if he should insist on fond embrace, mama How’m I gonna keep him in his place? If his manner becomes a shade improper Tell him that your heart belongs to Papa Mama must I keep on dancing Keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter Mama must I keep on dancing keep on dancing? Yes my darling daughter?

Melanie - Phonogenic (Not Just Another Pretty Face) LP (1978)

Sorry I've been away for some time but I come stronger than ever tonight with 3 re-ups from Melanie. The 1978-83 period, not a bad one contrary to what many may imagine. First, the weakest of the 3, but with one of the greatest cover ever recorded: "California Dreaming". Don't miss this gem. More details below. Catch the re-up here. Hope one day there'll be a regular CD release of this material as the one Cherry Red did for the 72-75 period.

1978 is a strange year for Melanie. A strange and difficult one. After her excellent Photograph LP failed surprisingly to put her again in the front of the spotlights, we found her musically and physically changed with this album, sometimes considered by her fans as one of her worst, but I think it's too severe. Actually, the music here is quite different from the folky (although often pop and rough) side she was known for. This is rock with a white funky atmosphere, targeting the US market. In TV shows, Melanie does not appear with her guitar anymore but as a singer, and worst of it, no more as a composer since all the singles she will release this same year, and all the songs she will sing on TV, will be covers. Only 4 from the 10 songs of the album are her owns. Physically, she has changed a lot too, with these curled haircut and more strikingly, her new silhouette, having apparently lost quite a lot of weight (that she would have partly took 3 years later judging by the videos we can see). When I asked her why she did that changes (musical and physical), she told me that she was unhappy at the time. And it's true that she seemed quite out of her universe in this new role of variety singer. And all this will be ineffective, the album and the single (a cover of "Oh Boy" of Buddy Holly, strangely not included in the album, and that I've never found in vinyl, CD or MP3 format, so I post a german TV excerpt below of her prestation, you'll be surprised of how she moves and looks although here she has her guitar) failed to make any impact in the charts. Germany only was kind with her (and still is). She also appeared in a Beatles tribute show where she interpreted 3 songs ("Rocky Raccoon", "The Long And Winding Road" and "We Can Work It Out"), but unfortunately only the latter featured in the album. Thus, Phonogenic could have been a 13 song album, and maybe this would have helped its commercial career. Another miss was the cover sleeve. In UK, they put a picture of Melanie who seem to mimic Bonnie Parker but in a more romantic pose, and this is in no way appropriate to the content. Disliking this sleeve, she asked for a black cover with only her name and the title (ironic since for the first time she tried to fit with the physical rules of her times) on it for the US market. No need to say that it was still worst commercially speaking. The highlights of the album are the Beatles cover ("We Can Work It Out") that she sings divinely and the Mama's & Papa's rendition of "California Dreaming", one of the peak of her career, an interpretation that makes me shiver. Tears are not far. Melanie has this talent to reveal the underlying emotive part of pop song lyrics, that the tunes and the poppy arrangements had buried. This is this latter song I put in streaming. In the file, you'll find all the lyrics and some informations about musicians. David Sanborn played on some songs and it's quite obvious when you hear it. All in all, a good album that, excepted for some really weak songs (such as the 3 first ones of side 2) would have merited a CD edition. 

California Dreaming. All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey I was takin’ a little walk On a winter's day I’d be safe and warm If I was in L.A. I’m California dreamin’ On such a winter's day I stopped into a church I passed along the way And I got down on my knees And I pretended to pray You know the preacher like the cold He knows we're gonna stay I'm California dreamin’ On such a winter's day I’d be safe and warm If I was in L.A. I'm California dreamin’ On such a winter's day All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey I went out takin’ a little walk On a winter's day I'd be safe and warm If I was in L.A. I'm California dreamin’ On such a winter's day



Man - Back Into The Future - The Complete Roundhouse Concert (1973)

A re-up from this band which is a weird pleasure for me since it doesn't really match my usual musical tastes but after all I love versatility. It's a line-up without Deke Leonard and maybe my fave Man line-up (sorry Deke). More details below. Catch this re-up here.

In 1973, Man is on an ascending curve. The Be Good To Yourself album has been a minor but real success, they are considered a great stage band and they are recording a new album with the future producer of the punk movement Vic Maile. They decide the album will be double, featuring a concert given at the Roundhouse in London on 24th June. They will drop the new songs from the album and will only leave 3 of them, not the best actually. Two years ago, a revised version of the album was released in a box set with the complete set and this is the one I post here. The band is in the same formation than for the concert recorded one year before and posted here. The last time since Mick Jones will disband a band that he felt was more and more the Phil Ryan one. So he will reunit with Deke Leonard the next year (always with the fantastic Terry Williams on drums, that you can appreciate the drumming genius all along the concert). But this is another story. Here we are 37 years ago (and some months), listening to Man, who invited a Welsh male choir to back them on "C'Mon" for a really good version. But "Bananas" (in streaming, with its famous lyrics "I like to eat bananas cos' they got no bones / I like to take marijuana cos' it gets me stoned") was also a great one. So let's go back into the past and enjoy the whole set.

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Melanie - The Creative Workshop Sessions (1975)

My M link was not available anymore. Worrying. I hope it's not the first signs of a change in their politics of sharing control. Here's the new one.

This is one of the most stunning post since the beginning of this blog. Of course, I posted some very rare and precious stuff beforehand, from Alain Kan, Alternative TV, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Steve Harley, Nikki Sudden, Peter Perrett, Television Personalities and some more, even from Melanie, but it was often some songs when here we got 31 ones. Yes, 31 demos actually, from the sessions she recorded at the famous Creative Workshop studio in Nashville for what would become Sunset and Other Beginnings. A little bit the Melanie's Basement Tapes. The main comment I can do is that it's a shame the selection of songs and the arrangements that were done for the official album were so poor compared to these sessions. I don't know if Peter Schekeryk can be considered the guilty one and it's too late and useless to establish his responsability, but it's a fact that there was in these sessions, enough diamonds to provide the material for a fantastic album when it was (at least for me, I know some Melanie fans don't share my views) uneven and one of her weakest in the seventies. Why such a wonderful song as "White Man Sings The Blues" (sometimes called "White Man's Blues" on various Melanie fans' blogs), although being tried twice on these sessions (both versions being stunning) was not included on the final album? Why the version of "Perceive It" is so moving here and so middle of the road on the album (listen to the different tone Melanie sings it, and the arrangements too)? Even "Nobody's Business" would have been a better choice that several of the songs that made the cut. Another strange discovery is that Melanie and the band rehearsed "Deep Down Low" 3 times on these sessions, an old song featuring on Affectionately, but didn't use it finally. Maybe she did not want to put old material on her new releases, feared to give opportunities to the press to put her in the case of "past celebrities". But it's sad co's the song was wonderfully reworked and would have deserved to be offered this way, much better than its original version. It's on such reworked songs that it was clear that she acquired maturity and a grown up way to share her emotions. It would have been a good idea too to put her nice version of the Seekers song "I'll Never Find Another You" that she makes her so perfectly. We had to wait until 2002 to have a revised version of this song, but it is here still better. Actually, these sessions were so creative that they could have offered a double LP allowing to include everything on it. But limited to one LP only, the choice of songs could have really been more judicious. But what is clear is that Melanie is never better than when she is captured in the most nature way, and this is the case here, some of the songs that were finally heavily (I may have written "evil-y") orchestrated, being at least heard in their stripped version. I can't say who sent me these legendary recordings but she must know I deeply thank her. The cover sleeve I created for this fake double LP may seem a little deceiving compared to some I did in the past for Melanie stuff I posted here, but I wanted to use a picture of her shot during this period of her life (and I hope in 1975) and there was not much that could be the source of a front cover sleeve after being digitally manipulated. And I must confess that I like the result quite well. Strange but I feel it gives the impression it's really a double LP. Enough words, now let the music talks. Hope you'll savour this wonderful collection with the same delight and excitation I have when listening for the first time these sessions.


Steel Pole Bath Tub - Lurch EP (1989)

On request, a re-up of this major noise band of the 90's and maybe their masterpiece. Not a thing I'm listening to these days but good stuff for sure (writing that in listening to it, that's quite a joke). Always was among my faves (with Unsane, Bastards, Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Buzzov'en and Drive Like Jehu). But after all you reasonably don't give a shit about what I liked best in that times. So catch this one here. Sad there's neither "Lime - Away" or "Hey You" on Youtube or any other video provider. I should open someday a Youtube page but too much time consuming. PS. Gosh, it's been 6 years since the original post. Help me I'm getting old too fast.

When I think of Christmas, the picture on Lurch of Steel Pole Bath Tub is what comes to my mind. Ugly face of fake smile with hypocrisy and familial nonsense dressed in oecumenical love. Gives me nausea and wanting to throw up. Alone with my beer, I can post this fantastic (but really fantastic) EP from this band, their best for me (but I need to hear again all of them to be sure). Their second one, very near the Drive By Jehu style (but I think the first DLJ album was released later). We'll have many more SPBT on this blog, even if visitors don't come here for this kind of music. I think it's not logical to love some 70's acts and not find that bands such as SPBT are the proud bastards of the best music of the seventies, and not these awful retro bands trying to mimic the past and produce a stupid nostalgic bullshit. This is in this EP that you can find a cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid (not a bad one I can say), but more than that, there's 2 masterpieces, "Lime- Away" and "Hey You", that anyone who say knowing rock music should know before dying (and for some of us, it will be in the next few days, don't forget it). Last, in this EP, there was a comics I included in the rar file. And more SPBT to come.



Melanie - Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Here I Am 7" (1973)

Third re-up of Melanie singles from the 1972-75 era, limiting the series to the ones with non-album tracks on them, or at least, tracks that were not on the US or the UK version of the album. Here it's this Goffin-King cover (bad idea as would be all the early sixties pop covers she'll do), issued in November 1973, that would be on the UK version of the album but not on the US one (at least most of them, my 2 US samples have "I Am Being Guided" on it (a much better song) and not "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"). Strangely, on the single sleeve, there's a text announcing a soon to be released album called Autumn Lady, but the next album would only be released in May 1974 and called Madrugada. "Autumn Lady" would be a song on the further one (on As I See It Now, released in February 1975). But this single was the opportunity to discover what a great cabaret jazz singer was Melanie, "Here I Am" (from Stoneground Words) being on the B-side. Of course, I took the high-quality sounding versions of the new CD reedition to pack the file so that you should dl this version if you had dl the previous one. Catch it here. PS. The streaming version below is not the high-quality one you have in the file but the previous vinyl-ripped one.

This strange idea of covering this rather bubblegum song written by the Goffin-King (yes Carole) duet and a hit by the Chiffons in 1962 (but sung beforehand in 1960 by the Shirelles) was finally a good one, at least commercially speaking cos' it put Melanie back in the UK and US charts in November 1973. Not at a high level (37th and 82th, respectively) but at least in public view again. After "Bitter Bad"'s moderate success and "Seeds"'s failure, it was a way not to leave 1973 on a too bad feeling. Musically speaking, it's another story, Melanie being not (for me, but others may not share my views) the good person to sing such a repertoire. And she doesn't succeed to bring this song in her universe and to make it hers. Since I never found on compilation another version than the later re-recorded one, I ripped it from my single so the sound is not perfect but not so bad. On the B-side, there's one of the finest songs of Stoneground Words, the cabaret-stylished "Here I Am", a splendor that would deserve this single on its own merit.


Melanie - Seeds / Some Say (I Got Devil) 7" (1973)

Second re-up following the CD edition of the 1972-75 era albums released by Melanie. Here's a version of "Seeds" with a high quality sounding. So, even if you had dl the previous one, it's useful to catch this new one here (or to buy the album of course).

Strange single this one. Let's hear the story (as I know it). In June 1973, 4 months after the half-successful "Bitter Bad" single, Melanie releases "Seeds", a new song, wrongly announced on the label part as a song from a forthcoming album (the next one will be Madrugada in 1974 and the song won't be on it). The single is released in 2 versions, one with a shortened (they said "edited") version of "Seeds" on side 1 and a long (they said "complete") version on side 2, and one with the short version on side 1 and with the fantastic "Some Say (I Got Devil)", from the album Gather Me (thus, strangely not from the previous album). This apparition of a Gather Me song on side 2 was maybe linked to the presence of a poem called "Gather Me" in the long version of "Seeds" (I'm not sure I didn't lose some of you by now). The result of all this is that the single won't do anything in the charts anywhere. It's actually not one of Melanie's best, and is rather discrepant with what she was trying to build with Stoneground Words. Not a bad one either. Rather gospel-inclined in the line of some of her previous hits, with a text that, as "Brand New Key", is full of sexual tongue-in-cheek insinuations "You can plant your seeds in my garden / Any ol' time you want / You can bake your bread in my oven" (!!!). Don't forget that she'll spend the current years becoming a mother 3 times, surely what these lyrics are about. I must say that I was desperately searching for this song (not on any compilation to my knowledge) and I thank a lot "Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika" for this MP3 gift. I found a good definition Portuguese cover sleeve on a ebay sell page so I used it.


Melanie - Bitter Bad / Do You Believe? 7" (1973)

The recent release of 4 her albums issued between 1972 and 1975 (on Morello, a side-label of Cherry Red) with bonus tracks allows to re-up her singles with better quality versions. This is the first of several. More details below. "Do You Believe" is much better than the A-side but is on the Stoneground Words album in the same version. Catch it here.

One month after the Stoneground Words album and the relative failure of the 2 singles released from it, Melanie tried to issue a more pop-oriented song. It was called "Bitter Bad" and strangely, the rather happy musical background is denied by a totally depressive text. The bet seemed to pay since the single reached n°36 in the US, the best range since "Ring the Living Bell" one year before but far from her highest expectations. The song is not one of her best, only decent, but is an interesting addition to any Melanie discography. It is not so often included in compilations (it was on the Rhino's Best of Melanie) so it's good to have it.

It's bitter bad, heartsick sad When the one that you love has lost the feel for you If you do me wrong I'll put your first and last name in my rock ‘n’ roll song It's bitter bad, he's got the nerve to get mad When it's he who lost the feel for you Oh what a life, what a mean low down world You've been doing my stuff with another girl You've been doing my stuff with another girl It's bitter bad, he's got the nerve to get mad When it's he who lost the feel for you Oh what a life, what a mean low down world You've been doing my stuff with another girl You've been doing my stuff with another girl If you do me wrong I'll put your first and last name in my rock ‘n’ roll song It's bitter bad, heartsick sad When the one that you love has lost the feel for you When the one that you love has lost the feel for you When the one that you love don't love you anymore When the one that you love has lost the feel for you