Melvins - Eggnog EP (1991)

When I begin to listen to the Melvins it's hard to stop. So here's another re-up. And another essential piece of their long and complex discography. But it belongs to the classic period. So catch it again here. It's pure aural pleasure (pain for some but they're not from our species).

Another one, played yesterday evening in Paris. Released after the Bullhead LP (and just before the 3 Kiss-like cover solo EPs), this one consists in 4 songs, 3 rather punky and short, and the fabulously heavy "Charmicarmicat", a sort of pre-Lysol demo in which drone, doom and sludge meet for the best. There are so many bands in the last 20 years that should pay credit to this song that it can be considered as foundations. More to come from the rather complex Melvins 7" and EP discography. Meanwhile, blow your last neurons with this one.


Melvins - Night Goat / Adolescent Wet Dream 7" (1992)

Re-up on request. I'll upload the other ones if requested too since I have some other priorities. I'm not sure the Melvins survive to their past grandeur but anyway they have done enough to deserve eternal respect. Catch the goat here.

This is the first of a series of Melvins singles and EPs. Don't know whether they are rare or expensive and I don't really care, I want the Melvins to be in FS next to the Bastards and some other noise bands of the great 1988-1994 period. Of course the Melvins are much more than a noise band of this small time span, and can be considered the fairies leaning over the doom and the grunge craddles. But it's true that for me their creative peak was reached during this period. Since I go to see them play 5 of the EP-LP tomorrow in Paris, and listen to them constantly for the last 2 weeks, it's normal some of it appears here. For the first post, I chose one of their greatest tracks, "Night Goat", in its first issued version (there will be another one on Houdini one year later and many more live later). It's like waves from a noise ocean crashing on our ears and minds, it's like an orgasm coming in that we are trying to delay for increasing the sensation. The band was on the verge to be signed by Atlantic and to face their only short trip in the corporate business. I can't imagine music more timeless than this. The Buzz picture below is from 1992.


Jonesy - Sudden Prayers Make God Jump (1974)

A better-late-than-never re-up due to an attempt to improve the sound. I have really improved the very weak one that was provided on this semi-official CD. Sad that Trevor Gypsy has the master and never gave it for release. He gave his brother a cassette and the latter seems to have released 4 years ago a version of the album with a new cover sleeve (all details here) but I didn't find anywhere this version. So I did my best to upgrade the quality of the CD source. I listened to it today and it's far better. I gave details about this album below but what it appeared to me today is that the material is a little like a Barry-Ryan-goes-prog album. And you may know as I'm a BR fan (more of his stuff re-up soon with also some work to improve the sound quality). There's not so many real underrated overlooked and unissued masterpiece in rock music, and this is one of them. Catch it here. Below the videos are from the CD version, lower quality than my version.

As Patto's Monkey's Bum here or Jack Bruce Band's Jet Set Jewel there, this 4th Jonesy LP has not been released after its recording, and has never been issued with a correct sound, this time because it seems the tapes were stolen and lost forever. Jonesy was a UK progressive stronly influenced by King Crimson, featuring the brothers Evan-Jones and, during 2 LP, Alan Bown. After winning the price of the year Best Album by the Montreux Jazz Festival jury, they felt in a turmoil of problems leading to their split. But, as a swansong (actually a swanalbum), John and Trevor Evan-Jones decided to record the album they dreamt of and this was this Sudden Prayers Make God Jump. Virgin records was interested to release it but the 2 musicians were under contract with another label that didn't want to let them go but seemed not inclined to release this LP. The stealing episode closed the dilemna. Never was heard again from these 2 brothers in the musicland. This LP is really fascinating, based on a sort of bleak personal experiment, and full of references to the Beatles (more specifically the Lennon psychedelic area), to the Pink Floyd (the Barrett's one), although musically, we are somewhere between the Strawbs of Hero and Heroine and Yes, and even sometimes Manfred Mann Chapter III. Interesting cocktail. We dream to get by a miracle the real final produced version but this document gives an idea of what could have been. A perfect example of forgotten songs you'll agree I suppose. In streaming I put a song not really representative of the album but one of my faves. Lyrics are particularly depressing.


Kinks - Where Did My Spring Go / When I Turn off the Living Room Light fake 7 (1969)

Not strictly speaking requested but I see that this post was the most visited this week so I suppose the dead link frustrated some. Here it is again alive and functional. More about the songs below.

After the great failure of the Village Green Preservation Society album (click here to find the unissued complete version), the band has been asked to provide one song for each episode of a comic show (it seems it was a good one) names Where Was Spring? Ray Davies will write 5 songs "Where Did My Spring Go", "When I Turn off the Living Room Light", "We Are Two of a Kind", "Let's Take Off Our Clothes" and "Darling I Respect You". Only the first 2 will be released on record, first on the Great Lost Kinks Album and "Where Did My Spring Go" on the 3-CD version of the Village Green Preservation Society. The show was broadcasted between January February 1969. There were plans to release on LP the whole song setlist of the show but this has never seen the day of light. And Ray Davies apparently never wanted these rarities to be released. It's a shame since, judging by the only 2 available ones, it's quite certain it would have good songs. In particular "Where Did My Spring Go"is a great one that could have been a single A-side (however maybe not a hit in 1969). "When I Turn off the Living Room Light" raises some concern, not because of the song itself but because of the lyrics. The first verse is "who care if you are jewish and your breath smells of garlic", something that reminds the German entertainer in Cabaret the movie, but we would have liked to see the scene of the comic show it illustrated to understand this line, because in this state, it's quite disturbing. Hope someday Ray Davies will accept to release the whole 5 set on some support. .

Where did my spring go. Where did the spring go? Where did the trees go? Where did the sun go? Where did the bluebirds fly? Why did the rainbow turn into shadows? Why am I cold now? Why does my skin sag? Why ain't my back straight? Why do my feet ache? Where did my youth go? Where did my life go? Remember walking in the rain, And getting soaking wet, Now I got rheumatic pains, And I really do regret it. Where did my teeth go? Where did my muscles go? Where did my shoulders go? Where did my chest go? When you were loving me, You were just using me. You would employ me, You would destroy me. Now all I've got are varicose veins. Where did the spring go? Where did my hormones go? Where did my energy go? Where did my go go? Where did the pleasure go? Where did my hair go? Remember all those sleepless nights, Making love by candlelight, And every time you took my love, You were shortening my life. Where did my teeth go? Where did my hair go? Where did my shoulders go? Where did my chest go? Where did my hormones go? Where did my go go? Where did my energy go? Where did my skin go? Where did my muscles go? Where did my liver go? Where did my heart go? Where did my bones go?

tilidom file storage


Peter Hammill - Single(s) (1977-1986)

As I usually do, after posting singles in single posts, I post the compiled fake LP (some may prefer to dl the whole in one). Not a very homogenous gathering, between 1977 and 1986, Hammill having completely changed his way to approach music, lyrics and even his vocals. Personally, I'm more in the pre-78 than in his later manner but there was some great songs and even some excellent albums (such as Sitting Targets) afterwards. Hammill is not the kind of artist whose songs are fitting in the singles format, but some were featuring different versions or non-album tracks (not all unfortunately) so it could be of interest. I omitted the revised version of "Just Good Friends" from the Love Songs album because it always seemed to me that this album was an opportunist affair and didn't consider it as a real Hammill's LP. Moreover the B-side only consisted of the instrumental version of the song, the kind of things I always loathed. So, here it is, with a did-it-myself cover sleeve of course. Don't hesitate to use all the cover sleeves I create, I don't care and don't claim for any copyright.


Family - Live at the Paris Theatre (1973)

Fine that a FSvisitor asked me to re-up some Family material since I tend to forget this band in my re-up process. So here to begin the Live in Paris Theatre (actually not in Paris but in London). I give details below so I won't write too much useless words. Except catch it here, it's a stunning set. More Family to come soon but I can't tell exactly when.

This concert was recorded by the BBC in January 1973 during a set at the Paris Theatre. It was the beginning of the Mk VII line-up of the band, with Tony Ashton on keyboards. Any usual Family fan can be surprised when listening to this concert. When they are electric, they sound like Procol Harum due to the organ of Tony Ashton, and when they are accoustic, they sound like the Faces (Ronnie Lane's ones). Of course, with Roger Chapman, they still sound like Family. The group is tight and compact and is no more this experimental semi-prog outfit. The concert was done some days after their sublime "My Friend The Sun" single (unfortunately not a hit). If there's a problem in this concert recording, it's this stupid idea to add fake audience shouting and clapping, always the same between all songs, and this is really unpleasant. 


Alternative TV - Sol EP (1990)

As I answered to a visitor who recently requested a re-up, I wanted to (at least try) improve the sound of this rather rare EP that never was released on CD (to my knowledge). I worked on each track separately since their weakness was not the same. Part of it was probably the vinyl rip and part the original production but I don't have the vinyl so I can't say. Anyway, any Alternative TV fan wants everything from their beloved band and that's part of it. Don't forget that Alternative TV has a new album out (Opposite Forces) and that's not far from being one of their best. Very different from what was on this Sol EP although "Affecting People" is a great song. Catch it here.

During the 7 years separating the Peep Show LP (1987) and the My Life As A Child Star LPs (1994), there were not many things from Mark Perry except 2 obscures releases, an EP (this one, called Sol) and an LP called Dragon Love, both released in 1990 and quite confidential. Sad cos' the times were to grunge and punk revival and it could have been an opportunity to come back. It's true that this EP is really lo-fi but, once again, I can't have a negative judgement on Mark Perry and I appreciate this one as the other ones. Not easy to find (and I found it on a blog but forgot which one, sorry). No picture, no video.


Bastards - Monticello (1989)

Thanks to the visitor who asked me to re-up this one. Time to get out of this nostalgic 70's shit to get a little bit of nostalgic 90's shit. And among the fantastic number of great noise bands, the Bastards (and then Janitor Joe) was one of my favorite. And in particular this album that has always been in Top-100 list since then. The title track is, like I wrote in the original post, something of an experience that I never forgot. And when I'm in a state of fury, this is the song that comes to my head. Catch this masterpiece here.

Don't ask me why I post this LP. I got no real explanation except that I really felt the need to listen to it today. As often with this record, it was a kind of intense necessity. Listening to "Monticello", the song, is like washing your brain from the shit that other humans defecated in it. I can't imagine an other piece of sound so efficient to do it and Joachim Breuer would be a hero for me, even if he had only composed this song. I talked about him in the Janitor Joe post so no need to write the same compliments here. Monticello is the only LP the Bastards recorded before disbanding, and it's a hell of an album for sure. With Unsane, the Bastards were for me the greatest band issued from the noise movement (Jesus Lizard and Today is the Day were my favorites, but they were no totally noisy in fact). I will post their singles later on. This album is not strictly belonging to the forgotten songs category. It's a cult album among all those who love real heavy rock (I don't mean this stupid post Zeppelin mixed with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and the Faces that most of journalists try to sell us as true rock). But since "Monticello" is for me more important than "Kashmir" or "Free Bird", I consider it's a forgotten classic and that's why I put it as the streaming oral pain of the day. On the back of the cover, there was this hilarious wo-man dressed in latex and looking honestly as pathetic as is generally all this fetishit folklore. A perfect picture for the music that I encourage you (if you don't know it) to enjoy. PS. I must confess that this is a rip from Velvety Sheath, Glistening Sword.



Procol Harum - Live at the Isle of Wight (1970)

Sorry, this is not THE Live at the Isle of Wight you'll be (and I too) authorized to expect from such an important band (why the Who, Hendrix and not Procol Harum?). The source is even not sure (I took it from a bootleg but I got no certainty that this set was actually captured at the Isle of Wight, even the setlist is rather unknown by the major Procol fan site) and the sound quality far from the commercial standard of an official release. I tried to improve it but success was limited since the original had some serious failures that I couldn't address (I'm a rather basic amateur in mixing). Since there's not so many other live documents with enough quality to be posted here, I thought it was interesting to add this one to the previous series. There's no many bands that I like to listen to mediocre quality live documents but Procol is one of them (mainly for BJ Wilson but also because the songs are so good). I used an existing cover sleeve for the front (although a little improved) and created a one for the back. Don't know who took it but this is one shot taken at the Isle of Wight this I'm sure of. I feel this young girl gives a good idea of the elegance of Procol's music. So catch it here.


Procol Harum - Conquistador Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra fake EP (1972)

A re-up of this single with 2 tracks from the rehearsals with the Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. I think it deserved to be available again. Catch it here.

Just a reminder that there are several albums, singles and EPs from this great band on Forgotten Songs. I'll post more in the near future cos' they deserve it. Meanwhile, all have been reup on rs and if one links doesn't work, don't hesitate to ask for it's reup. Below what I wrote in the original post.

This post is justified by the release, this month, of a new edition of the Procol Harum Live with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, first released in April 1972 and received by the press as a complete masterpiece. The attempt to mix a symphonic orchestra with rock music had been tried before but honestly, this was a joke compared to this fantastic fusion that one can listen to here. The album scored very well and fans might have though that the time for Procol Harum had finally come. That would not be true actually and the further years would not be marked by the triumph that this band deserved. Procol Harum is, since 1972, I was still a kid, one of my 5 fave groups of all the times and time has not attenuated my admiration for the Brooker - Reid duo (more important to me than the other more famous duos in rock), and also for my fave drummer of all times, I mean Barrie J Wilson, this album being maybe the one in which everyone can see why some of us place this musician at the top of their drumming pyramid. There was a single drawn out of the LP. "Conquistador" was chosen as A-side, and this revealed to be a good idea since the song reached n°22 in UK and n°16 in US. In UK, the B-side was a song that did not feature in the LP, an orchestral version of the delicate and sexually explicit "Luskus Delph". This is here what I call the forgotten song. In the US, they had decided to put "Salty Dog" and this surely contributed to the success of the single, being occupied by 2 of the most Procol Harum songs (and both des chefs d'oeuvres"). But, in bonus, I add the 2 songs that made it at the rehearsals but not at the show: "Simple Sister" and "Shine On Brightly". Both are actually not totally satisfying, in particular "Simple Sister", first because it is much shorter than the original one (that you can find in Broken Barricades), and second because the orchestra is not well integrated to the song. That will be corrected for the next orchestral evenings that the bands would play in the 2 following years such as with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra in August 1973 (a bootleg with a superb sound I'll post later on). So, here it is, one of the most magical band of the world in one of the most ambitious record of the last century. It could have been recorded yesterday. Enjoy this fake EP and then buy if you can the Salvo LP wherever you find it not too much expensive.

Conquistador. Conquistador your stallion stands in need of company and like some angel's haloed brow you reek of purity I see your armour-plated breast has long since lost its sheen and in your death mask face there are no signs which can be seen And though I hoped for something to find I could see no maze to unwind Conquistador a vulture sits upon your silver shield and in your rusty scabbard now the sand has taken seed and though your jewel-encrusted blade has not been plundered still the sea has washed across your face and taken of its fill And though I hoped for something to find I could see no maze to unwind Conquistador there is no time I must pay my respect and though I came to jeer at you I leave now with regret and as the gloom begins to fall I see there is no, only all and though you came with sword held high you did not conquer, only die And though I hoped for something to find I could see no maze to unwind
Luskus Delph. Tulips lips oh Luskus Delph Your baking breath breeds body 'x' With silken measures try to gauge The inside sweetness of your cave. Peach preserve your simmering jewel Hid away like orphans' gruel Help me find the widow's crack Make me stick like sealing wax Almonds eyes my turkish pearl Burn me up sweet oyster girl Shove me in your steaming vat Make me split like chicken fat



Procol Harum - US Tour 1969 (1969)


A re-up of this Procol Harum bootleg captured on their 1969 US tour (at least the first of the year since they went several times over there where their music was more appreciated than in Europe). Some tracks were issued as bonus tracks on the Salvo re-issue of A Salty Dog (exactly 4). The quality was not really different from the bootleg so it seems there is no better source. And I don't think I could do much better with the basic equipment I have. So here it is. Like Procol said: "there'll be more".

Long time I had not posted any Procol Harum live recording. This is not one with a very good quality to say the least but the band is really fantastic on it. Procol Harum fans can only be in heaven in hearing a setlist melting a splendid raw and heavy blues such as "Going Down Slow" with a Robin Trower ready to become the white Hendrix and a demoniac doom instrumental as "Regent Walpurgis" that do the path for the macabre vein of rock, a Matthew Fischer classic if there is one. And when doom and blues melt together, it provides the fantastic "Cercles" (in streaming below). But of course there are the masterpieces any Procolomaniac such as I am, will find here all the sound beverages we are addicted to. These 2 concert extracts were taken during the US tour in March and April 1969, after the unexpected chart success of the Shine On Brightly LP and before the Salty Dog LP (deceiving one for my part, and released some weeks after this tour). It is clear that the band is here in a between-two period, but what a great between-two. But it's true than one can be surprised by the rather heavy blues domirant of the times. Procol was not far to be pre-stoner on some tracks. I found this bootleg on BB Chronicles. I was not able to improve its sound quality but I'm sure it could be done.



Procol Harum - Session for French TV (1971)

Not so rare but here in an improved sounding version (at least I hope I did a decent job) of this 20 min set recorded not in the studio (it is said for security reasons) but at the Moulin de la Galette (in Paris) for French TV, maybe in the only show (in French we call it an "emission") in the history of French TV that treated rock with the respect it deserved (thanks to Patrice Blanc Francard who presented it) and called Pop Deux (it meant Pop 2). This show (not the Procol one, Pop Deux) was broadcasted from April 1970 to December 1973 and anything before or after was miserable compared to it. I discovered almost everything I loved in my youth through this show (and a little bit by other sources such as radio and friends). Here is Procol Harum playing 4 songs 5 days before their Stockholm radio show I posted here. It's of course the same line-up, with Dave Ball. Sad that the "Simple Sister" version is without it's classic instrumental bridge, and maybe "Regent Walpurgis" was a little bit out of place in the Procol of this era. I know this can be seen almost everywhere on the net (notably Youtube) but my idea was to be able to listen to it without having to look at images and moreover to improve the sound quality. Hope it was worth the attempt. Catch it here. The video below (with the poor sound).