Peace - BBC Session Fake 7" (1971)

An improved sound quality (not perfect but more audible) with the 3 songs played at the BBC session (with the missing John Peel who speaks). A re-up of this brief but so interesting period during which Paul Rodgers tried to reinvent himself with a shirt-lived other band. A testimony how this man had became a great composer in 1971. Unfortunately he won't keep this magic touch throughout the rest of his musical life and his post-Free career has been quite a waste of talent. Catch it here. More details about the content below.

It's not really the whole BBC session (the 22th December 1971, with John Peel talking of course, this is THE man) that Peace (the band Paul Rodgers formed between may and december 1971 during the Free breakup) since contrary to what is said on the sleeves (not the one posted here, that I did myself from a montage here) "Like Water" is cut after only some seconds for a reason I ignore, so I didn't put it in the rar file. Actually, a visitor sent me the link to this source but after, that I actually found another one with the abhorted "Like Water" version. So here is a fake single with 2 songs that Paul Rodgers will take back more than one year later on the Heartbreaker LP but that he did not propose apparently for the Free At Last one at the beginning of 1972. Since they are two undying classics, to listen to them in their initial version is moving. "Heartbreaker" didn't change much once in the Free hands, whereas the fantastic "Seven Angels" is less bleak here than he will be in its final version, and the voice not totally finalised. Don't forget that Paul Rodgers played all the guitar parts here and is quite good at it. The sound is not top quality but can be listened to without too much pain. A welcome addition to the studio EP I posted here.


Free - Live at Tampa Stadium (1972)

Recorded in Florida on the 30th April 1972, this is the end of the legendary Free line-up. Andy Fraser would leave soon after whereas Paul Kossoff collaboration to Free would become more and more erratic although he would create his strongest guitar playing during these months (and sometimes his worst). Initially released with quite an awful sound, I postponed the inclusion of this live bootleg to the FS collection, but I took the time to improve somewhat the sound quality and now, although far from the usual threshold I adopted for posting a concert here, I though it is a document deserving to be available next to the other live sources. Hope you'll share my opinion too. There's the full concert posted on Youtube but I don't post it below since the sound is still weaker than the one you'll have in dl it here. Of course the cover sleeve's mine.


Free - UK Singles As and Bs fake LP (1968-73)

To finish this great series (still one live set to come in further days), a compilation of A and B sides of all the UK singles released by the band during its tormented life. Although for many Free seems a very easy band to recognize, it's fascinating how they changed throughout a so short timespan (only 4 years actually). In these times, 4 years were not far to be the life expectancy of a band before it became to be short of renewal and inspiration. Blessed times when now (let's say since the 90's) it seems bands stick to their bone for decades. This compilation will be used to re-up all these singles posted individually some years ago. So I'll put the link in each of them. A way to reduce the number of dead links. Note that I chose to include the mono versions of the songs when they were edited this way on the single (only the first 2 actually). Of course some B-sides are of interest although all have been released on various compilations and none is a real rarity (and none is a forgotten gem). Catch this sum here. PS. For the cover sleeve (my guilty pleasure), I used a picture from one of my favorite photographer, Jan Saudek since I think it fits well with the band imagery. Interestingly this picture was taken in 1971 so it could have been used for a Free record. Let's do this association more than 40 years later. Since Andy Fraser recently died (and Paul Kossoff long ago), this compilation is of course dedicated to their memory. Sad that Paul Rodgers did not sustain his composer's gift after Free. Catch it here. Below some TV appearances of Free for supporting some of these songs in the charts. Note that they play real and not playback on TOTP for "All Right Now", not usual in this famous TV show.

Free - Stockholm Radio Show (1970)

Third re-up, this poorly played set is provided here in a much better sound quality than the ones you can find here or there on various places. Another document, more interesting historically than musically (but it's still Free, so nothing bad of course). Catch it here.

This is the last of the 3 well-recorded live sets of Free in 1970. The 2 previous (Sunderland Locarno and Croydon) have been posted previously. Don't expect the intensity of these live shows. This one is strangely weak and rather soporific. A day off it seems. Probably the fact that the radio studio with a small audience doesn't stimulate their adrenals enough. At the begining of the set, Paul Rodgers says they have been relax in Sweden, and unfortunately, it's quite obvious when listening to the show. Everything seems to be taken on a slow pace and chosen songs are mainly the sad and melancholic ones. Paul Kossoff is fantastic on one song ("Be My Friend", in streaming below) but rather catastrophic on many songs, notably "Mr Big" that is the shittiest version I heard by Free. All in all, an interesting but rather deceiving testimony of the well-known uneven quality of their prestations.

Free - Live at Coatham (1972)

Second Free re-up (double free actually, the band and it gratuitous). As I wrote below, it's a very bad set Free gave this night. But as a testimony of how the band could sometimes be in great danger of losing itself, it's fascinating. Catch it here.

Here's one of the worst and pathetic concert, not only by Free but maybe by any band I've heard. Played in Coatham the 12th October 1972, Free has lost Andy Fraser (replaced by Tetsu on bass and Rabbit on keyboards) but also Paul Kossoff, although on stage, but totally elsewhere. I've never heard a guitarist so out of it in my life. It's like he doesn't know how to play, not only the songs, but more largely, to play guitar. It's pathetic and difficult to listen to until the end. If I post this disastered show, it's because it's an historic document that proves how this great guitarist was a wreck some nights, because the sound is correct (an important parameter for me) and because 2 days later, in Berkshire (next post), Koss would be operational again, and it's fascinating that he could be so different in a so small interval of time. The only track that was not totally ruined was "Child" since Paul Kossoff was not really necessary. But all the rest is a pain to hear. Listening to this document, it's not difficult to understand that Andy Fraser decided to be out and that Paul Rodgers decided to rent someone on guitar to supply his lost friend. Can't say enjoy it, so have an ear to it.

Child you're talking of freedom Painted on your garden wall It's not there at all Child you're talking of wisdom You say wisdom is a golden rule You ain't no fool But you don't know who it is Who calls you name In the light of the golden moon You don't know who it is who brought you here And chained up your heart So soon Child you're life is a fairytale And it's not the same And the clouds You're hiding behind In your misty mind have disappeared Like a sailor far from the shores of your dreams And far from the love of your home Sailor lost on your own misty seas And the chains on your heart, baby Might be my love Might be my love It's so confusing And you feel that you're loosing yourself But, there over the mountain You thought you'd never have to climb There's a road Reaching and stretching To the corner of your mind Like a river casts aside the dust And grows and grows as it flows The feeling deep inside of you Must break like a dam So set you free So set you free So set you free